we create work experiences that feel human...

We care deeply about the experiences people have at work. But all too often we find disengagement, an absence of trust and a lack of purpose in the workplace.

We can do so much better…

We know leaders who are self aware and put people first. We experience workplaces that provide a sense of meaning and purpose. We see organisations who prioritise engagement and embrace diversity. These are conscious workplaces where people, profit and planet thrive.

Yet this isn’t the norm and progress is slow,
so we’re here to accelerate it.

Change begins within. To create inspired workplaces, we need access to new awareness so we can make better choices. Once aware, we need the courage to think and act differently.

The key… to re-connect with what it means to be essentially human.

We formed essentially human in 2020 with the intention to humanise organisations

To head home at the end of each day feeling disillusioned and unfulfilled is soul destroying. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We are all human, we are all leaders and we all have a contribution to make,
so that the world of work is better for all.

Join our movement!

We bring together likeminded leaders who are ready for change. Ready to become the best version of themselves, align with their purpose and create human organisations where everyone can thrive.

If this sounds like you, we’d love you to be part of our movement.

You can join us on Facebook, take online courses via our learning hub and work with us, to experience what it means to be a human leader.

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