we create work experiences that feel human...

essentially human partner with you to create work environments that feel more human
and help you discover better ways of working.

we care deeply about the experiences people have at work

yet all too often we find disengagement, stress, a lack of productivity, an inability to attract and retain good people, an absence of work life balance… and so the list goes on.

why is this our reality?

we set out to answer just that and in doing so, essentially human was born.

now more than ever organisations face the challenge to be
more adaptive, more responsive and ultimately more human.

we discovered three key requirements that enable people and performance to thrive…

self awareness

other awareness

complexity awareness

we’re keen to share what we’ve learned and have created three experiential programmes
to enable you to gain a fresh perspective and experiment, so that you and your organisation evolve.

we’re here to accelerate the evolution of your organisation.

the key… to reconnect with what it means to be essentially human.

connect with us…

we bring together likeminded leaders who are ready to be the best version of yourselves,
bring out the best in others and create human organisations where everyone can thrive.

if this sounds like you, we’d love you to join us.

you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, at in person events or
be inspired by an occasional update in your mail box.

whereever you join us we’ll encourage you to pause and explore what it means
to be essentially human at work…

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