human leader

Develop a human approach to your leadership.

This highly practical programme is underpinned by coaching techniques that assist you to deepen trust and encourage independent thinking.

You’ll develop the skills, mindset and awareness to bring about greater collaboration and autonomy within your teams.

Discover how shared leadership increases motivation and responsibility.

Learn what it takes to become a human leader.


Module 1 - Becoming a human leader.

We explore the conditions people need to thrive and the behaviours of human leaders.

Module 2 - Exploring mindset.

We introduce you to the power of beliefs and how your mindset underpins your leadership. 

Module 3 - Human connection.

Here you’ll experience the impact giving quality attention has on the thinking of others.

Module 4 - Be curious.

Appreciate how being curious generates thinking in others.

Module 5 - Fresh thinking.

Identify the ingredients that create a human environment in which people are authentic and thrive.

Module 6 - Human potential.

Discover how to adapt your style to grow and inspire people.

Module 7 - Leading change.

Learn to create space to engage people in change.

Module 8 - Being a human leader.

Connect with your vision and commitment for being a human leader.

Who’s it for?

This is ideal for leaders who want to develop people and teams who are motivated to think well for themselves.


Increased awareness to bring out the best in others, coaching mindset, deepen trust, independent thinking, greater collaboration, increased responsibility, responsive decision making, compassionate leadership, more fulfillment for all.


This is a highly practical learner led programme underpinned by coaching principles. The first half of each module includes input and knowledge from us. The second part of each module provides time to turn learning into practice.

30% input and knowledge from us.

30% individual and group reflections.

40% coaching skills practice. 

What’s the duration?

8 x 1 day live and interactive modules, facilitated by Karen and/or Lewis.

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