human within

Journey within and explore what it means to be human…

Deepen your self-awareness and delve into the unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions,
that drive who you are.

With this new awareness comes a shift in mindset that positively impacts your wellbeing, resilience and relationships with others.

Knowing yourself more deeply, you can choose to take responsibility for your inner state.

This experience will enhance your confidence and self-leadership, whilst providing the opportunity to discover who you are at your best.

Here’s what we cover in each weekly module…

Module 1
What makes us human?

Appreciate how the inner workings of the emotional brain make you react unconsciously much of the time.

From here, embark on a fascinating journey within.

Module 2
What motivates you?

Discover what motivates you to think, feel and act the way you do at your best and worst.

Learn what makes you and your colleagues tick!

Module 3
Making sense of emotions

Explore your triggers and discover why certain behaviours and situations get under your skin.

Experience a 4-step practice to become more emotionally intelligent.

Module 4
Is it true?

Uncover your blind spots and shine a light on the core beliefs that limit your true potential.

Deepen appreciation for your colleagues and how they are wired differently.

Module 5
Trapped in survival

Observe your ego and discover how stories control and shape your perspectives, keeping you trapped in your past.

Let go of blame, comparison and judgement and observe your relationships flourish.

Module 6
Essential nature

Deepen awareness to discover who you are at your best and how to unhook from your conditioned past.

Build greater compassion for your colleagues.

Module 7
Become present

Create the space for awareness to emerge and make unconscious habits, conscious!

With greater awareness comes choices that positively impact your self-esteem, wellbeing and relationships with colleagues.

Module 8
The human within

Connect with your true potential and choose how you want to show up in the world.

Leave with a practice that will support you and your colleagues to tap into the best version of yourselves.

Who’s it for?

This is ideal for leaders and your team members to develop both personally and professionally.


Increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence, mental wellbeing, resilience, self-leadership, compassion for your colleagues, along with a recognition of your diversity.


Week by week Karen and Lewis will guide you through carefully created content, live online.

To bring content to life you’ll make sense of your learning by exploring and reflecting on personal experiences in small groups.

After each module you’ll have the opportunity to put learning into practice immediately in work and wider life.

You can revisit content after each module as often as you like via our online course platform.

What’s the duration?

8 x 3 hour, live and interactive online modules, facilitated by Karen and/or Lewis.

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