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The Human Leader

Re-imagine leadership

Embark on a transformative leadership journey that unleashes individual and team potential.

Our programme invites you to explore the path of conscious leadership, an approach that will support you to deepen trust, foster independent thinking and ignite the self-motivation in your people. Create an environment where people are self-determined and equipped to take responsibility.

£3,500 (excl. VAT)

Programme information

Date of next programme to be announced.

2 x half days per month over 8 months.

3 hours per session.

Live on Zoom.

Your benefits

  • Learn how to create a more human and inspired work culture.
  • Equip yourself with the skills and mindset to motivate and engage your team.
  • A group of up to 15 like-minded individuals.
  • Live facilitation with Karen and Lewis.
  • Practical tools and techniques to bring about powerful change.


In this transformative 8-month programme, you’ll learn how to lead with heart and bring a more conscious approach to your leadership. Discover how to inspire a workplace culture that prioritises people and empowers them to think well for themselves. You’ll explore innovative leadership perspectives that equip you with the awareness and skills to engage people. You’ll cultivate ownership, accountability and self-management within your teams and organisation.

This program is designed to stand alone, however, for optimal results, we highly recommend taking part in the Human Within programme prior to enrolment.

What you will learn

Module 1: Becoming a human leader

Embark on a journey to becoming a human leader. Discover the underlying principles of human behaviour and what drives performance in the workplace.

Module 2: Exploring mindset

Delve into your mindset as a leader and uncover the key elements necessary to foster trust and psychological safety within your teams.

Module 3: Human connection

Explore the art of active listening and giving your full attention. Develop the skills to nurture deeper connections and engage meaningfully with others.

Module 4: Be curious

Develop the skills required to ask powerful questions. Inspire independent thinking and ignite the intrinsic motivation in those you lead.

Module 5: Fresh thinking

Explore the techniques for cultivating an environment that encourages others to think well for themselves and enhance self-management among your team members.

Module 6: Leading change

Acquire the skills to lead change with empathy and assist others in navigating and understanding change in ways that make sense to them.

Module 7: Human potential

Master conscious leadership in team meetings: empower all voices, embrace diversity, validate feelings, and navigate towards alignment.

Module 8: Being a human leader

Craft a vision for the future. Define your leadership style, implement change, and commit to a more human centred approach to your work and wider life.

What you will get from participating

  • Become a more self-aware leader and recognise how your approach impacts the performance of others.
  • Learn that it’s more powerful to provide people with insight, rather than give them advice. The result…. people learn to think well for themselves.
  • Discover how to put people at the centre of everything you do by adopting a coaching approach.
  • Develop the mindset to nurture self-direction and collaboration within your teams.
  • Deepen trust within your relationships and learn to challenge with heart.
  • Grow yourself and create an environment in which others grow too.

What people are saying…


I’d recommend this highly practical training.

It’s helped me to become more self-aware and I’ve improved my coaching skills to engage people more. I feel more confident dealing with conflict.

James Vickery

Beyond Limits


This has been the most valuable leadership course I’ve been on, it really delves into what makes people tick.

The content has been extremely practical and relevant. After participating, I’ve become a better listener and feel more confident in my role.

Vicky Fairclough



The course was well designed and provided relevant experiences you can implement from day one.

I liked that I could work on real situations throughout, rather than focusing on more academic material. Overall, this was a great leadership development experience that I would highly recommend.

Victoria Leach

North East Lincolnshire Council

Enquire now

For further information and the dates of our next online cohort.

Your questions answered

Who’s it for?
  • Progressive leaders aspiring to expand and nurture their capacity for compassionate leadership.
  • Leaders who want to foster a culture where individuals proactively take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Leaders ready to tap into the innate drive of their team members and establish the groundwork for a self-driven, autonomous work culture.
  • Professionals keen to deepen their understanding of human psychology to enhance wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.
How can I get my company to sponsor me?

Many of our participants are sponsored by their company to attend the programme. If you’d like a template to approach your manager, please click here.

What's included in the programme?

The programme is facilitated live on Zoom by Karen Mason and Lewis Wilson over 8 months. The commitment to the course is 2 online live sessions per month, each lasting 3 hours.

Each module will include a blend of information sharing, group discussions, and practical activities. You’ll be invited to bring personal experiences with you to bring your learning to life.

Do you offer this programme in-house?

Yes! We do offer the option of running this programme in-house and there are real benefits of undertaking this programme together as leaders from the same organisation.

Please get in touch for more information.

If you’ve any further questions about the programme please get in touch

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