Lewis Wilson

co founder Essentially Human

My childhood dream was to become a professional footballer.

Dedicating my youth to becoming one, I signed for the academy of my hometown professional club. The game taught me the value of team work and the importance of discipline and dedication… 

Unexpectedly, injury led me into unfamiliar territory, and I was required to change course.

In the face of adversity, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Following a twist of fate, I ventured into the world of acting, exploring the depths of human behaviour through various characters. 

Yet as life unfolded, I questioned whether this path truly aligned with my purpose. An opportunity arose to explore the corporate world, and I embraced it with enthusiasm, climbing the ranks to become a director in a thriving business. Yet, success came at a price – my health suffered, and my relationships at home started to suffer. 

In search of balance and meaning, I embarked on a quest, pondering the true cost of success in the pursuit of fulfilment. My journey led me to delve into and study psychology and spirituality, sparking a fascination with creating workplaces where people, profit, and the planet coexist harmoniously. 

Today, I’m committed to helping leaders foster environments where people can flourish and do their best work. My mission centres on guiding organisations towards more agile, self-directed and ultimately more human ways of working.

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