Lewis Wilson

co founder essentially human

My childhood dream was to become a professional footballer.

Dedicating my youth to becoming one, I signed for the academy of my hometown professional club. The game taught me the value of team work and the importance of discipline and dedication… 

Devastatingly, when injury struck, I was thrown into the wilderness and forced to change course.

Having no idea what to do next I followed my curiosity. I had always enjoyed studying people and had a ‘knack’ for impersonating others. I’m not sure quite how, but the world of acting seemingly found me.

Through a chance encounter I landed a role in a BAFTA award-winning BBC drama. This experience led me to a London drama school and from there I went on to perform in national theatres and appear on television. Acting enabled me to study human behaviour through the different characters I studied. Everything seemed to fall neatly into place, but I found myself questioning whether acting was really for me? Was I living my life the way I wanted?

So, when presented with an exciting opportunity to explore corporate life I decided to leave the world of acting. I threw myself in with a passion to contribute. I quickly gained a broad knowledge of the company and, over time, was made a Director of a well-established and growing business. With the new role came new responsibilities and I quickly found myself working long hours, experiencing chronic stress and without realising, became detached from what really mattered.

The cost of being ‘successful’ was a deterioration of my health and the breakdown of relationships I cared about. A lack of work-life balance left me sensing there had to be another way, so I set out to search for answers…

I asked myself…

At what cost does success come?
What does fulfilment look like?
Can we be successful and happy?
Can we prioritise people and profit?
How do we make work more human?

And so, began my journey within…

My experiences led me to leave corporate life and invest in my own personal development. I studied psychology and became curious about how to create workplaces where people, profit and planet all thrive.

I’ve since committed to finding fulfilment and aligning my life with my values. In so doing I’ve discovered a passion for supporting leaders to create environments where people can contribute meaningfully and do their best work.

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