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How To Maximise Team Performance
and Achieve Your 2024 Targets

                                                             … the human way!

Lewis Wilson and Karen Mason
… inspiring leaders to make work human.

… Caught up in constant firefighting?

… Feeling overwhelmed?

… Relationships with colleagues feel tense?

How can you break this cycle?

Explore our 3-step process to eliminate overwhelm and enhance your team’s productivity.

Discover the keys to collaborative relationships to achieve your targets.

Join our free workshop to uncover practical strategies for building an effective team.

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Thurs 27th June, 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Online // Free to attend

Happy clients…

2024… the year your team pull together and excel in all that you do.

As a leader, getting your team to align and pull in the same direction can be challenging, especially when you are busy… like herding sheep!

Let’s replace this with something a little more stress-free and unlock the true potential of your team.


I not only uncovered my motivations and addressed leadership blind spots, Karen and Lewis were a catalyst for positive change for me and my team.

Matt Westmore

CEO, Health Research Authority, NHS


As a team, we can challenge each other now without hostility. The safety created by Essentially Human enabled trust to grow, and communication to improve.

Julie Murray

Chief Officer, East Renfrewshire HSCP


I’m better equipped to value differences amongst my team, facilitate honest conversations, and take responsibility for how my behaviour impacts others.

Doreen Kelly

CEO, Beyond Limits

On Thursday 27th June, you’ll learn…

Our 3-part strategy to help you align as a team and be more effective.

A lack of alignment is all too common in teams, impacting team performance… and often leading to poor communication, misunderstandings and a lack of trust.

Working together as a team to reveal the sources of misalignment equips you to take responsibility for change, hold different conversations and be more effective.

We’ll show you how…

How we make a difference…

  • Facilitate team development programmes online and in-person nationwide.
  • Create awareness of performance barriers to enable transformative change.
  • Recommended for our safe and inclusive facilitation.
  • Share practical techniques to help you align as a team.
  • Equip you to enhance relationships and navigate work challenges with greater humanity.

Lewis Wilson and Karen Mason
Team Development Facilitators

Maximise Team Performance
and Achieve Your Targets…

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