What we do.

We partner with you to discover ways of working that put people at the centre of what you do.

Our goal is to equip you with the required mindset and systems thinking
that will enable your people and organisation to thrive.

In our research into what makes work more human, we found three essential components…

self awareness

understand personal emotions and experiences

self motivation

emotional intelligence

other awareness

enable others to think well for themselves

motivate others

social intelligence

human systems awareness

people centred business functions

collective motivation

human systems intelligence

We design and facilitate practical experiences for you to explore these components,
and experiment with new ways of working.


How we support your organisation to evolve

self awareness

We deepen the self awareness of you and your teams. We explore what makes you human and delve into the unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions that drive who you are.  When you understand yourselves more deeply, you take your organisation to a whole new level.

With enhanced self awareness you’ll develop the ability to self regulate and take responsibility for your wellbeing and resilience. This breeds self leadership and the confidence to make decisions and take responsibility.

Knowing yourself at a deeper level helps you to relate more compassionately with others. With this insight comes empathy and greater collaboration. 

other awareness

Here we introduce you to a coaching approach. You and your leaders develop the skills and mindset to support greater collaboration and engage in ways that support others to think well for themselves.

The techniques you learn will assist you to deepen trust and encourage independent thinking. You’ll explore how to motivate others and place people at the centre of your leadership.

When you adopt a coaching approach to your leadership, you relate in ways that foster greater autonomy, empathy and compassion.

Learn what it takes to become a human leader.

human system awareness

What would it be like to observe your organisation with fresh eyes and determine what’s needed for individuals and teams to thrive?

We’ll help you do just that…

We familiarise you with the concept of self-management and collaborate with you to identify and set up real-time experiments that simplify and humanise working practices.

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