What we do

We partner with you to discover ways of working that put people at the centre of what you do.

Our goal is to equip you with the required mindset and systems thinking
that will enable your people and organisation to thrive.

In our search for more human and agile ways of working, we identified three essential components…

self awareness

people who understand their emotions and experiences

self motivation

emotional intelligence


other awareness

form relationships with empathy

motivate others

social intelligence

“you and I”

complexity awareness

people-centred working practices

collective motivation

human systems intelligence


We learned that for leaders and organisations to be effective all three levels of intelligence need to be developed, as they build upon each other.

As such, we work with you to design and facilitate practical experiences to explore each of these components.

How we support you and your organisation to evolve…

self awareness

We work with you and your teams to deepen your self awareness and emotional intelligence. Together we’ll explore what makes you human and delve into your unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions that drive who you are.

When you understand yourselves more deeply, you’ll cultivate more empathy, greater wellbeing and improve collaboration. Learning how to self regulate and access a full range of emotions is foundational to developing healthier relationships with others.

Enhancing self awareness breeds self leadership, confidence and improved decision making.

other awareness

We invite you to form relationships with empathy by adopting a coaching approach to your leadership. We introduce leaders to the skills and mindset required to support greater collaboration and engage in ways that support others to think well for themselves.

The techniques you learn will assist you to deepen trust and encourage independent thinking. You’ll explore how to motivate others and foster greater autonomy within your teams.

Create an environment where people are self determined and keen to take responsibility.

complexity awareness

We collaborate with you to co-create a more human system. Our aim is to support you to simplify and humanise your working practices. We introduce you to the concept of self-management and use action based learning techniques that take your strategy from talking to doing. 

You’ll engage people throughout your organisations to experiment with more human ways of working. You’ll develop your collective thinking, reflect on learning and align your actions with what works.

This isn’t about achieving perfection, it’s about building a more agile culture where people continuously learn and adapt.

leadership coaching

We coach leaders to support you deepen your awareness. Coaching allows you time to think and to see things that have been hidden from view; blind spots in your leadership and working practices that require your attention.

Working with your coach enables you to identify what needs to emerge and determine a clear sense of direction.

With this new awareness you can make choices to shift in ways that supports your growth and that of the people around you.

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