We don’t have time to do our work, but we fill our days with endless meetings. We want productivity and creativity, yet we inhibit people with policies and procedures. We say we lack information, but we’re buried in emails. We claim to trust each other and yet we can’t be authentic and honest. We tell ourselves that people matter but somehow, it still doesn’t feel human…

The way we work isn’t working but we can’t envisage another way.

We want to change, but don’t know where to start.

Let’s begin with how we got here…

As the world became increasingly complex, our inclination was to impose more control in order to deliver performance and results. However, in times of increasing and continual change, the very bureaucracy that once made our organisations robust has become a burden and is now holding us back.

By imposing more control, we misunderstand human nature and fail to tap into the full potential of our people.

Ultimately, organisations are simply groups of people working together for a shared cause. It’s people that decide the success or failure of any venture and it’s people that are the biggest variable to success.

The skills we learn through the use of technology are becoming commoditised. This means our ability to interact and relate with one another is becoming vitally important as the world of work becomes more human. It’s emotional and social intelligence that sets organisations apart. In other words, our self-awareness, and how we connect with others, are the priority.

It’s time to pay attention to the human elements that will drive the health and future productivity of our organisations.

Let’s paint a picture…

Imagine a working future where we’re able to be our truest selves.

Inspired, creative, motivated…

Here people feel they belong and are keen to collaborate to find solutions using their own initiative.

Hierarchy is no longer relied upon for good decisions.

People throughout the organisation are trusted, take ownership and choose to lead.

Teams are able to adapt and respond quickly to what’s actually happening in front of them.

People value their freedom, whilst being committed to their work.

Together you experiment with new and better ways of working.

Imagine contributing to work that feels meaningful and fulfilling…

Sounds great… but unlikely, right?

The future is human

Well, in our years of research into human motivation we’ve discovered a discrepancy between what science is telling us and what organisations actually do.

Science supports the view that work needs to be more human. When we align our work with human nature, we create the conditions for people to thrive. Our innate need to be self-determined is honoured. We connect with one another and create and contribute in meaningful ways.

It’s our belief that the future success of organisations will depend on how well we know ourselves, and ultimately, how well we support each other. Only then, will we create the optimum conditions for people to do their best work.

Everything about the future of work is asking us to let go of the known and familiar, to be courageous and to re-connect with our humanity.

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